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9 Things to Consider Prior to Forming a Business Partnership

Getting into a business venture has its benefits. It permits all contributors to share the stakes in the business enterprise. Depending on the risk appetites of spouses, a company can have a general or limited liability partnership. Limited partners are just there to give funding to the business enterprise. They’ve no say in company operations, neither do they share the responsibility of any debt or other company duties. General Partners operate the company and share its liabilities as well. Since limited liability partnerships call for a great deal of paperwork, people tend to form overall partnerships in companies. Things to…

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Top 10 Suggestions for Local SEO

They love first page domination for local search terms, although local search results were previously relegated to some small map, which would seem within the initial page of results. Do not miss out on search results that are local; they’re your next customers. Here’s 10 tips that will help you get them: 1. Maintain your Google Locations listing – it’s easy to do and then you can simply and quickly create one, if one does not exist for your company. What is it? A Google Places listing is effectively a profile attached to Google’s local search engine results. It is…

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